The Art of Pez Pearson

I am a Graphic Artist / Illustrator whose work is often inspired by Argentine Tango. On this site you can see examples of my work and also buy prints and canvases.

Alfred Arnold “Double A” Bandoneon Study

A study of the decoration on an early twentieth century “Double A” Bandoneon built by Alfred Arnold.

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Gebrüder Meinel 142 Bandoneon Study

After seeing my other Bandoneon study; a craftsman who restores old Bandoneons challenged me to draw an example of the elaborately decorated Gebrüder Meinel 142.

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I love Argentine Tango. The music, the dance and the people who create it. I wanted to draw an image that embodied the soul of Tango.

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You can now buy masks, t-shirts and other accessories featuring my artwork.

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Prints, canvases, masks, nudity and a whole lot of Bandoneons.

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