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typewriter image: Florian Klauer

  • Thoughts on the “Alfa” bandoneon
    I am drawing an Alfred Arnold “Alfa” Bandoneon (1945-1948). The first post-war model from Alfred Arnold. The object of my Bandoneon project is to show the incredible diversity of the instrument and its decoration. I selected the Alfa because of its distinctive art-deco sound openings and also because the first example I came across was… Continue reading Thoughts on the “Alfa” bandoneon
  • Gebrüder Meinel 142 Bandoneon
    The photography of Christoph Paas (@alma.bandoneon) has been incredibly helpful In my Bandoneon drawing challenge. Christoph’s pictures of dismantled Bandoneons on his workshop bench were very useful for me in understanding the shape of the various instruments. Christoph showed me pictures of a “Gebrüder Meinel 142” that had been recently restored and suggested that I… Continue reading Gebrüder Meinel 142 Bandoneon
  • The Seven Bandoneons Challenge
    A Bandoneon is a type of German Accordion that is used extensively in Tango music. I don’t know how you found your way to this site without knowing that, but here we are! The first time I saw the decoration on a generation-one Alfred Arnold “Doble A” Bandoneon, I was shocked by how beautiful and… Continue reading The Seven Bandoneons Challenge
  • Reusable Mask inspired by 1940’s Bandoneons.
    Reusable fabric mask featuring the grill from an Alfred Arnold Doble A bandoneon, available now in the shop • Nose wire that helps adjust the mask• Elastic bands with PVC earloop size regulators• Pocket for a filter or napkin• Washable and reusable
  • Artwork now available on canvas
    As an experiment, I’m making some of my artwork available on canvas, starting with 12′ x 12′ and adding larger sizes later. The first design to be available in this format is the “Bandoneonista” design. I’m really happy with the way the narrow space available on the 12’x12′ draws focus to the detail on this… Continue reading Artwork now available on canvas
  • Production time estimates during Corona Virus Pandemic
    Hi Everyone. Like all other business on this planet, my printers are encountering a range of challenges in production, sourcing, and ensuring the safety of their staff. I’ve put this table together to clarify the production times you can expect for our products during this crisis:
  • Welcome
    Hi Everyone, Welcome to Blame it on the Bandoneon, this is where I sell my artwork, a lot of which is inspired by Tango. I’m currently re-jigging the site to make it more art-focussed, so my apologies if this causes any inconvenience I hope you enjoy my art even if you aren’t crazy about Tango.… Continue reading Welcome